Outside Silent Hill

Sketching up the project for a Silent Hill inspired side story with Douglas Cartland at the center of the action. I’m in the process of adding a proper armature to the model and blocking in the environment. Also, hoarding props. I couldn’t find a functional model with an armature available so I have to re-bone ... Read More

Jules Eevee test

Blender fanart Jules Fortnite at work . Eevee test render. check for credits. — BytePhunk (@BytePhunk) March 1, 2024 Credits

Night of the AwareWolf begins

The project is on. Check the project page. Enjoy this mood-setting intro animation which captures the werewolf prowling around an abandoned depo. "Night of the AwareWolf" is a media project involving animations and comic book style images centered around the adventures of a werewolf seeking awareness. — BytePhunk (@BytePhunk) February 23, 2024